Sea Glass

Sea Glass Heaven

I love making jewellery. I came to jewellery making in a roundabout way. Sea glass is to blame. I have a great love of sea glass. I’ve picked it up from beaches all over the world. Sea glass is the cast offs from a previous¬†generation washed smooth by wave action and transformed in something of beauty.

I now have my collection all in one place in Tasmania where I live. Since living here I have found one of the best beaches for collecting sea glass. It is about an hour and a half drive from my house in Launceston, in the north of the island. The beach is very close to the railway line and my thoughts are that garbage was dumped from the train over the cliff onto the beach. I found this beach by chance. I was driving along the scenic coast road and saw some people bending over on a small beach, I knew immediately what they were doing. A couple of u turns later and I was scrambling down a cliff and discovered a sea glass collectors paradise. I now make jewellery from the best pieces.

I collected sea glass long before I started making jewellery. Sea glass was one of the main motivators for me to sign up for a jewellery making course. I now have a Bachelors degree in Contemporary Art with honours and a Diploma in jewellery design. I make other kinds of jewellery, but always make a few pieces of sea glass jewellery just for the fun of it.

Tasmanian Sea Glass and Sterling Silver Ring

A few other things went over the cliff as well.

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